Acoustic Album Update #6

Acoustic Album Update #6

The ending to The Last of Us Part II hasn’t been reached, and neither has my acoustic album recording process! Are those related? Probably. I’ve made good progress in both since last week, though, so let’s get into it.

First, the recording. I went back to my last update to calculate what I’ve done since then. The song I talked about last week is essentially done now, and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s an old story at this point, but I really think keeping these songs short helps with any obsessiveness I may have with them.

That works for and against me though. If I’m feeling like the song isn’t good enough, I’m able to tell myself, “Oh, it’s just a short song. Don’t worry about it. It’s over in 2 minutes.” On a more positive note, it does get me moving to the next song. I’m not stuck tweaking the smallest things for days or whatever.

Anyway, all the songs I’ve previously talked about are more or less done. One song needs another whack at the vocals, but I think I’m good on everything other than that. So now I’ll talk about a new song that I started a few days ago.

It’s still untitled. I don’t even have any kind of real plan for how the vocals are going to sound, let alone any lyrics for it. It began with a cool, simple little riff. A bassline, essentially. Then I came up with a faster, almost thrashy guitar part for the chorus. Right now, I don’t like how the chorus sounds at all, but maybe once I get vocals on top of it, I’ll feel better about it.

Going back to that bassline-ish guitar part…I was vibing with it or whatever for a couple days. I decided to add some synthesized violin parts. “Cool!,” I thought, but then it hit me: it sounded like some other song. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. Fast forward a day or two, and I realized it was Primus’ “Mr. Krinkle.” As a huge Primus fan, I’m not mad about it, and most people that will ever listen to my music probably aren’t familiar with Primus’ catalog. But every time I try to come up with a vocal pattern, it sounds so much like “Mr. Krinkle.” Maybe that’s fine. I don’t know. The chorus is way different from anything in “Mr. Krinkle” though, so whatever.

This brings me to seven songs for the album, if my math is correct. Remember a few months ago when I thought I’d be able to fly through these? Yeah. Well, I’m going to try to get all my recording and mixing done for 10 tracks by the end of the month. That’s my goal right now, and I think it’s very doable.

I still want to do a slow, possibly instrumental, song. I do have a couple guitar patterns planned for that already. And then I want to do one by-the-books song. A song with an intro, 2 or 3 verses, a chorus, etc. I rarely ever do that. I planned on having a few songs like that on this album, but it didn’t work out. After working on these songs so much, my brain is hungry for making more chaotic, electronic, stuff. Someday, brain, someday.

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