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Heat Stroke Is Here!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my new album Heat Stroke is now available! This is essentially my first time releasing an album, even though I’ve recorded a handful before. I don’t know when exactly it will be available for streaming on Spotify or go live on iTunes and all that, but today is the day. I will update this post with links as I become aware of them. Buy it, stream it, steal it, or even ignore it!

Amazon MP3 $8.99
Bandcamp $6.00 (or more, if you think it’s worth it)
iTunes $9.90
SoundCloud FREE!
Spotify FREE!
YouTube FREE!

If you have any feedback, leave it below in the comments or wherever else. I’m definitely curious to see what people think about these songs. Enjoy!

Update: So there are now working links to the above services. Earlier in the day, the YouTube playlist only had 2 or 3 viewable videos; they were set as private still. Oops. Another thing of note is that there’s a typo for track 3 on iTunes. I hope it isn’t a big deal to get that fixed, but I’ve alerted the people who need to know.

Heat Stroke Incoming in Four Days!

Can you believe it? My new album, Heat Stroke, will hit the Internet for anyone and everyone to buy, stream, steal, or ignore in just four days! You can read my past posts about the recording of the album here. I’m still working on what I hope to be an elaborate, yet concise, retrospective about the album. I want to explain each song a little bit and how it fits into what I wanted Heat Stroke to be. I realize it’s probably futile to do that without sounding pretentious, but I’m doing my best with it. As for when I’ll be done with it and post it here, I’m not sure. Originally, I wanted to post it before Heat Stroke was released, but then I realized that would be weird. Then I thought maybe the release date would be good. That’s certainly a better option, but I think I’ll wait a week or so after release. That’s January 27th, if you forgot. Continue reading “Heat Stroke Incoming in Four Days!”

Heat Stroke Releases January 27th!

Here’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for. My new album, Heat Stroke, will be available everywhere January 27th! Really, everywhere. Buy the whole album. Buy a song or two. Stream all the songs to your heart’s content. However you want to listen to it, it’s going to be available. Well, it won’t be available on vinyl. It’s kind of risky to get those made unless you know you’re going to be able to sell a lot.

So I can’t do vinyl, but I want to do CDs, if all goes as planned. I would love to do a small run of CDs for anyone who would want one, as well as myself. But I don’t want to hang on to a bunch of my own CDs forever. The trick is that the more I get made, the cheaper they will be, technically. If I order 50, I’ll get a pretty nice deal. But yeah, can I sell 50 CDs? Would anyone interested in one? I would sell them for as little as possible. For US shipments, I could probably ship one for $10 including shipping costs.

Another plan I have is to throw out some codes to download Heat Stroke for free and/or a discount through Bandcamp. But I have to say I’m curious to see if I could make any sales, so I don’t want to give out free codes all over the place. Especially if I get CDs made, this whole Heat Stroke master/distribution project is going to cost me a somewhat large sum of money. I have absolutely no chance of even making my money back, but I wouldn’t mind getting a little back. I’m not looking to make a profit, in other words.

By the way, I have also created a digital press kit for Heat Stroke. It’s a password protected page with a streaming version of the album, some information about it, hi-res version of the album cover, etc. So if you’re in the biz of reviewing albums, let’s talk.

So yeah, just over 2 weeks until Heat Stroke comes out. I’m pretty excited. It’s officially in the pipeline to go to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beats, etc. as of today, January 12th. So at this point, I’m probably more nervious than excited. There’s no going back from here.

Stay tuned for a cool retrospective on recording the album. I’m not sure what it’s going to contain, but I want it to be as thorough as possible. Maybe some outtakes, alternate versions of the album cover, live “rehearsals,” and whatever else. I’ve never done anything like that before, so I don’t know how successful a semi-elaborate retrospective would be. But, I guess we’ll see…