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Acoustic Album Update #8: Somniphobia

Acoustic Album Update #8

Here’s the big reveal: My long-awaited acoustic album is being mastered at this very moment…assuming you’re reading this not too long after I posted it. Let’s go big with some tidbits and tadbits. I already went through a non-yet-complete version of the album before. Read that post again or for the first time, if you’d like. Today though, let’s get into new stuff, like the album title.

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Acoustic Album Update #2

Acoustic Album Update #2

This acoustic album project started earlier this year. I don’t even remember when I started it. That aspect doesn’t even matter, but for your and my sake, I’d like to post more regular updates. My first thought about this project was that it would be quick and easy, and it’s not quite either of those things.

I posted about this a little bit on Twitter the other day. Depending on the song, doing these acoustic versions can be exceptionally easy or hard. In either case, so far at least, they’ve all been fun to work on. As of writing this, I’m not finished with any songs, but I’m mostly done on 3 songs. Let me give an update on those 3 songs here. Notice that I’m giving them cute pet names at this time. They’ll have their real names when it’s done.

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Reviving Modus Operandi, Pt. 2

reviving modus operandi banner
If you’re reading this, Modus Operandi is probably already available to you! That’s exciting, of course, but I’ll post a formal announcement on that tomorrow.

Today’s post is about some general notes and differences between the original, crappy, unmastered version of the album that I thought I was done with in August of 2010. All the tracks are at least a little shorter than they were before, usually due edits during long-winded instrumental sections. Or it was from making fade-ins and fade-outs a little quicker. Whatever the case, let’s dig into it. Continue reading “Reviving Modus Operandi, Pt. 2”