Heat Stroke Is Here!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my new album Heat Stroke is now available! This is essentially my first time releasing an album, even though I’ve recorded a handful before. I don’t know when exactly it will be available for streaming on Spotify or go live on iTunes and all that, but today is the day. I will update this post with links as I become aware of them. Buy it, stream it, steal it, or even ignore it!

Amazon MP3 $8.99
Bandcamp $6.00 (or more, if you think it’s worth it)
iTunes $9.90
SoundCloud FREE!
Spotify FREE!
YouTube FREE!

If you have any feedback, leave it below in the comments or wherever else. I’m definitely curious to see what people think about these songs. Enjoy!

Update: So there are now working links to the above services. Earlier in the day, the YouTube playlist only had 2 or 3 viewable videos; they were set as private still. Oops. Another thing of note is that there’s a typo for track 3 on iTunes. I hope it isn’t a big deal to get that fixed, but I’ve alerted the people who need to know.

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