The Making of Merry Effing Christmas

Hey, did you know I’m releasing a Christmas song called “Merry Effing Christmas” this Friday? You didn’t? Oh, well, I am. I announced it a week ago. Where have you been?

Yes, this Friday, December 16th, 2016, this little song called “Merry Effing Christmas” by Robby Suavé will be available for you to buy, stream, steal, or ignore! Work on it began in late October if my memory serves me correctly. As is probably predicted by anyone, working on a Christmas song in October is strange. While everyone was getting dressed up as vampires and witches, gobbling up candy, having fun and whatever, I was holed up at my computer, constructing a song about Christmas instead. Not that I didn’t have fun making the song of course, but…it’s complicated.

As I mentioned last week, I welcomed the opportunity to only have to focus on one song. I didn’t have to make sure it sounded like it belonged on an album. The drums sound like I thought the drums should sound, the vocals sound like I thought they should sound. I wasn’t afraid to add bells and crap. I mean, I shouldn’t be hesitant in having those instruments in a Christmas song, but still, I tend to use as few instrument sounds as possible in my music for some reason. Maybe it’s for fear of everything getting jumbled up or something. I don’t know.

Musically, I used a couple cool synths and some metal drums, as well as the aforementioned bells. To me, it sounds pretty cool, and it’s certainly quite different from anything I’ve recorded before. I focused on keeping the peppiness constant by limiting the amount of downtime. Hardcore Robby Suavé listeners should know that I like to break up parts of songs by throwing in long dead parts. That as well as my vocal style are the things that I always look to improve upon.

The vocals were the the most complicated part about recording this song by far. You wouldn’t believe how many times, how many different ways I tried to “sing” the lines. Originally, they sounded sort of similar to how the verses sounded and had lots of syllables. I ended up splitting each line into two and got rid of a few syllables in each line. So now instead of the lines being super syncopated to the music, there’s a much better flow. It was a pretty awesome learning experience for me, and I think it will help me figure out how to sing over similar musical patterns.

Sometimes I’m tasked with thinking about or talking about how I feel about “Merry Effing Christmas,” and I’m torn. Sometimes I like it a lot. Other times I can’t help but focus on a couple things I don’t like about it. Maybe the intro is too long. Maybe it’s not Christmas-sounding enough. Whatever it is, it’s only 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, so it’s hard to be too critical about it, maybe. It’s obviously not going to be a song you’ll play multiple times a day throughout the year, but I hope it’s cool enough for someone to not regret listening to once or twice every December.

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