Robby Suavé the T-Shirt!

I just launched a Teespring campaign for a Robby Suavé t-shirt you can all buy. Do you like this? This marks the first time anyone has been able to buy a physical Robby Suavé product. I’ve been buying and wearing my own branded apparel for almost 10 years now. There’s been 2 hooded sweatshirts and 5 or 6 t-shirt designs that I made purely for myself. I haven’t had any made in years. I think the last one was this one, which I may make available for sale if this shirt garners enough interest:

That was probably…2 years ago at this point. Maybe more. I don’t know. I think I got a black version made without the text on the back too. I can’t remember. Anyway, so speaking strictly personally, it was time to make another shirt, even if it was just for myself. But then I thought since I’m halfway legit now, other people might want to buy a shirt.

I can’t remember who I first noticed using Teespring to sell shirts, but I know most recently it was Primitive Race, a musical group/project/experiment that I like quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve had shirts made with a company other than the one that will remain nameless because I have a love/hate relationship with them. Half of the shirts I get from them are shoddy, but they always send me free replacements right away. Given how many other Twitter accounts I see utilizing Teespring, I figure they can’t be half bad.

The cool, yet limiting, thing about them is that it’s not a store; when you want to sell a shirt, it’s a campaign for a set number of days. You can set a goal for how many shirts you would like to sell and the price you want to sell them for. As long as you reach a certain profit amount, the shirts will be made. So it’s sort of like Kickstarter, kind of. Unless I sell a zillion of these things, the money I make off them can’t be used to fund anything too extravagant, but hey, everything helps.

Oh, and this is what the shirt will look like.

Tri-Rune T-Shirt

I’m calling it the tri-rune t-shirt, because for some reason, I’ve always called that question mark symbol thing a rune, and there’s 3 of them…so…tri-rune.

If you want one, buy it here: The campaign will last for the next 11 days, so you can’t wait too long to get your hands on one. If enough people buy one, Robby Suavé the Flamethrower can’t be too far behind, right?

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