Pre-Order Somniphobia Now!

Boom! I’ll keep this short. My new acoustic album, Somniphobia, will hit the Internet October 16th! In the meantime, you can now pre-order now on iTunes and Bandcamp. Pre-ordering on Bandcamp will get you “Everyone I Know Is an Alcoholic (Acoustic)” immediately. I wanted to do the same thing on iTunes, but you can only do that for albums that […]

Somniphobia Update #9

Ah. It feels good to type “Somniphobia” rather than “Acoustic Album” in these blog titles. I have some cool information for you today. It’s not as juicy as some of the previous entries in this series, but I’d like to think it’s worth reading. Let’s go.

Robby Reviews Marilyn Manson’s We Are Chaos

It’s not every day that a new Marilyn Manson album comes out. Back in the day, you could expect a new one to release every 2 years. After that, the release schedule became less predictable, which I appreciate. In 2017, we got Heaven Upside Down. Remember when I reviewed it? And in 2015, The Pale Emperor was released to the […]