Acoustic Album Update #5

Acoustic Album Update #5

I don’t know what this means, but there’s a song that I’m almost done with that I forgot about. When I was thinking about what I had accomplished since my last post, I thought I hadn’t accomplished much, but I have!

So yeah, there’s this short song that’s almost completed now. I’ve been using a codename for it since the chorus doesn’t even have any lyrics. At the time of writing this, there is a section of the song that could use some lyrics. And maybe that’ll be the place to sort of announce the song title, whether that’s the codename or not. Hm.

Musically, it’s just acoustic guitar and drums. I double tracked the guitars, and aside from a weird frequency whistling up the mix, it sounds pretty good! For the most part, it’s a pleasant yet almost boring rhythm throughout the entire track.

Now for the meat of today’s post: By my count, this is the 6th song ready for the album. I wanted these songs to be stripped down: acoustic guitar, realistic sounding drums, and tambourine when I want to be fancy. I think those self-imposed restrictions directly influenced the bi-polar direction of this song.

The first incarnation of this new song had 2 guitar patterns: a verse part and a refrain-ish part. It was definitely a little bland, but still happy and perky. I don’t need to explain every change it underwent, but eventually, I got rid of the refrain type part and replaced it with a chorus-sounding part. That’s normal, right? Sure, but this is a metal chorus! It’s the same acoustic guitars, but it’s 16th notes and loud and crazy drums!

I really didn’t want to do weird stuff like that on these songs, but this being such a short song (a tad over 2 minutes), I feel like it’s okay. That’s what I’m rolling with right now at least. Whatever.

Oh yeah, at the end, there’s this heavily-affected, cool-sounding acoustic guitar pattern that fades in. My plan is to have a song following this one with that same guitar pattern, but clean. The idea is that whatever that song is will be more serious in tone, probably. And that’ll even out the dumbness of the previous one. Yep.

Alright. That’s it for now. The Last of Us Part II came out last night, and I have other things to do this weekend, so I don’t know how much music stuff I’ll get through. I might be able to hammer out that aforementioned serious song in between all that. We’ll see.

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