Somniphobia Update #9

Ah. It feels good to type “Somniphobia” rather than “Acoustic Album” in these blog titles. I have some cool information for you today. It’s not as juicy as some of the previous entries in this series, but I’d like to think it’s worth reading. Let’s go.

Acoustic Album Update #8: Somniphobia

Here’s the big reveal: My long-awaited acoustic album is being mastered at this very moment…assuming you’re reading this not too long after I posted it. Let’s go big with some tidbits and tadbits. I already went through a non-yet-complete version of the album before. Read that post again or for the first time, if you’d like. Today though, let’s get […]

Acoustic Album Update #7

Here’s a big update for you. My guess is that there will be one more update after this, but it will be much less wordy than this one. That’s the one in which I’ll reveal the album title and cover art (probably). In this update, I’ll reveal the tracklist and everything else I can think of that I’ve done since […]

Acoustic Album Update #6

The ending to The Last of Us Part II hasn’t been reached, and neither has my acoustic album recording process! Are those related? Probably. I’ve made good progress in both since last week, though, so let’s get into it.

Acoustic Album Update #5

I don’t know what this means, but there’s a song that I’m almost done with that I forgot about. When I was thinking about what I had accomplished since my last post, I thought I hadn’t accomplished much, but I have!

Acoustic Album Update #3

This week’s post (I’m not sure if I’m doing these weekly, but I’ll say it anyway) is a quick one, but it’s pretty important. I’ll touch on a decision I made regarding how many of these acoustic songs will be remakes of my old tunes. On top of that, I’ll give an update on my progress. Read on if that […]

Acoustic Album Update #2

This acoustic album project started earlier this year. I don’t even remember when I started it. That aspect doesn’t even matter, but for your and my sake, I’d like to post more regular updates. My first thought about this project was that it would be quick and easy, and it’s not quite either of those things. I posted about this […]

I’m Alive!

Wow. I haven’t posted in a super long time. Since the last time I posted, crazy things have happened. The world is shut down, and I’m recording acoustic songs. What in the eff is going on?!

Reviving Modus Operandi, Pt. 2

If you’re reading this, Modus Operandi is probably already available to you! That’s exciting, of course, but I’ll post a formal announcement on that tomorrow. Today’s post is about some general notes and differences between the original, crappy, unmastered version of the album that I thought I was done with in August of 2010. All the tracks are at least […]