Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 9

Alright, this should be the second to last entry in my Recording Heat Stroke blog series. Since last time I wrote in here, I touched up all of the previous songs, and more notably, I have started working on a new song, a sad one, If you’re not familiar with my catalog, then you might not know that I don’t […]

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 8

Welcome to another installment of Recording Heat Stroke! Surprise! This one isn’t actually going to be about recording though. Well, maybe a little bit, but mostly it’s going to be about what’s going to happen after it gets recorded. I’ve never been one to talk about any of my albums, or even any of my songs. One of the reasons […]

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 7

Man, this week was awesome for making music. Or more precisely, last weekend. But Monday night was when I really realized what I had done, so it’s this week. Whatever. So I am done with 4 tracks for Heat Stroke. There’s the intro, which I don’t have a title for yet, “Hotter Than a Mothereffer,” “Burn It Down,” and the […]

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 6

This past week has been pretty productive, and I’m honestly not sure if the rise in temperature is responsible for that or not. On Friday, I spent a decent amount of time jamming out to some new and old songs. I do that by playing guitar and singing live, and the bass and drum parts are being played through a […]

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 5

Well, this installment of Recording Heat Stroke is going to have to be a little different because I literally haven’t recorded anything since last time that will be a final take…probably. But then again, maybe the fact that I have recorded a lot that will likely not make it to the final cut makes for an interesting topic…

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 4

Apologies for this going up so late. I had something written up for this, but I had some semi-major site issues. Maybe you noticed. The site was down for 2 or 3 days. Anyway, this time, I’m going to sort of ramble on about the hardest part about recording music is for me.

Recording Heat Stroke, Pt. 3

“Hotter Than a Mothereffer” was the first song I started working on for Heat Stroke. On one hand, it was a great beginning because it came together perfectly, in my opinion. I’ll get more into it later on in this post, but it started as a vague idea and ended in what is surely one of my best sounding songs […]

Recording Heat Stroke Pt. 2

Last time, I talked a lite bit about what inspired me to begin recording Heat Stroke. Today I’m going to get into the actual music-making side of it. Before I tackle how I’m recording these new songs, I’m going to explain how most of my older songs were recorded, as embarrassing as it is to admit.

Recording Heat Stroke Pt. 1

A few days ago on Twitter, I tweeted something about blogging about the recording of this EP (or whatever this particular of songs could be considered). For those not in the know, I generally record in spurts, but sometimes one of my spurts is 3 or 4 months because I’m recording up to 20 songs. I’ll save the upsides and […]