Reviving Modus Operandi, Pt. 2

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If you’re reading this, Modus Operandi is probably already available to you! That’s exciting, of course, but I’ll post a formal announcement on that tomorrow.

Today’s post is about some general notes and differences between the original, crappy, unmastered version of the album that I thought I was done with in August of 2010. All the tracks are at least a little shorter than they were before, usually due edits during long-winded instrumental sections. Or it was from making fade-ins and fade-outs a little quicker. Whatever the case, let’s dig into it.

  1. You Ready, Mothereffers?
    Original Track Time: 1:35
    2019 Track Time: 1:12
    Ah. The token intro track. This one had barely any edits to the original 2010 version. I mostly just shaved off some of the crowd noise at the beginning.
  2. Modus Operandi
    Original Track Time: 3:11
    2019 Track Time: 3:01
    Did this become my favorite song on the album? Maybe. The intro was drastically changed/made better. I changed some of the drum patterns to make it more interesting. I re-recorded all the vocals. During the weird interlude in the middle, I added a layer of a recording of me messing around with my then-new-in-2010 vocal effects processor.
  3. Twisted
    Original Track Time: 2:46
    2019 Track Time: 2:34
    Fun fact: The robotic voice intro is new to the 2010 remaster, sort of. It was actually in the 2009(?) demo version and then I took it out for the “final” 2010 version for some reason. Now it’s back. I had to re-record the vocals for this track because the vocal track was just plain missing! Weird. I tried to make the vocals sound about as close to the original recording as possible, for better or for worse.
  4. Bean
    Original Track Time: 3:02
    2019 Track Time: 2:54
    The worst song I authored for Rock Band! In light of that, I re-recorded the vocals with new lyrics, poking fun at how bad the vocals were in the game. I think that’s what people didn’t like anyway.
  5. Bring It Back
    Original Track Time: 4:28
    2019 Track Time: 3:35
    Yeah, this song is almost a minute shorter than the 2010 version, and it is way better for it. I made the instrumental section in the beginning shorter and tightened up some of the transitions to make that happen. As far as additions go, I added some cool high-hat patterns during the verses and changed up the synth break in the middle. I think originally, the chorus repeated during both occurrences instead of just the last one.
  6. Regime
    Original Track Time: 1:52
    2019 Track Time: 1:31
    I don’t know how bad this song is. It’s almost a minute and half long now, so whatever. Other than shortening it to make it less boring, I added an additional beeping sound layer to the mix.
  7. Asymmetry
    Original Track Time: 2:42
    2019 Track Time: 2:32
    Finding a replacement intro was fun. The original one was sourced from a random YouTube video that I couldn’t find. Even if I could have, I doubt I could have gotten in touch with whoever uploaded it and made sure I was clear to use it. So I found some free-to-use sound samples of a girl making cat noises. Not too bad.
  8. Famine, Drought, and Pestilence
    Original Track Time: 2:47
    2019 Track Time: 2:37
    Even now, but more so back in the day, I would create a little drum loop and play over it on guitar for would sometimes seems like hours. Sometimes I would record it. That’s how this song originated. The guitar track quality isn’t the best, but I improved it as much as I could for this 2019 remaster.
  9. Knight in Shining Armor
    Original Track Time: 3:11
    2019 Track Time: 2:33
    This is probably the least weird song on the album. Maybe the least weird song I’ve ever done. There’s not much of a song structure though, and back in 2009 or whenever I put the song together, some parts went on too long. I shortened those to get this a lot shorter.
  10. Psychic
    Original Track Time: 3:00
    2019 Track Time: 2:51
    The genre for this song is post-Canada-rock, or something. I tightened up some of the awkward quiet sections to make it 9 seconds shorter. But other than that, it’s pretty much like it was 10 or more years ago. Based on the lyrical content, I imagine I wrote it as far back as 2007.
  11. You’re Ruining Society!
    Original Track Time: 3:31
    2019 Track Time: 3:08
    I love this song so much! The amazing speaking in the background comes from a YouTube video from Pruane2 (I think that was his YouTube name at the time). You may ask yourself why I sourced this audio but took the time to recreate other recordings I was potentially illegally using back in the day. That’s because I reached out to Pruane and got his permission to use it! He was cool with it, so I’m happy. It’s this long video about how Justin Bieber sucks, basically. In 2019, it’s not so topical, but whatever. It’s still a cool song.

Yeah. So the plan is to give links to the album tomorrow and stuff. But I wanted to get this post out there in advance since it’s more informational and less celebratory.

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