Somniphobia Links and “Ooh La La” Video

Did you know I put out a new album last week called Somniphobia? I did. In the past, I would scramble to put a post like this together on the release date. But between not really having time and wanting to some additional information together, I thought I’d wait a few days. First, let me give you some links.

iTunes/Apple Music

Listen to the album, follow/like/etc. my accounts there if you want. Somniphobia hasn’t been out even a week yet, so I don’t want to get into any stats on all that. But there is something I want to divulge some stats on…

The “Ooh La La (Ooh La La La La La La)” video! Yes, I made a (crappy) music video! I attempted producing a video for “Kill the Buffalo” a couple years ago, but between camera blurriness and general dissatisfaction with the look of the live guitar playing, I scrapped it. I had similar problems for “Ooh La La,” but I pushed through it, working like crazy in order to get something done by October 16th, the release date for the album.

Conceptually, it’s pretty much like I dreamed up, but yeah, the video is not great. It’s a mish-mash of a couple stock videos I found, random video I captured over the years, and new “performances” of me playing, singing, and having an inappropriate encounter with a bird. Also, purple and green, the best color combination, was a motif during the performance portions. Without some camera assistance, I’ve found it difficult to get too creative with video making. Maybe I just need to try harder. I don’t know.

Anyway, the video has been up on YouTube for only a few days, and it’s hit over 50 views! I know that doesn’t seem like much, but that’s more than almost all my other uploads on YouTube, the ones that have been up for years at this point. These anomalies always catch my eye, and I like to figure out why I get these relatively viral songs or, in this case, videos.

One reason is probably because I’ve been posting it all over the place. But I’ve also been posting links to Somniphobia on Spotify and such just as much probably, and based on my analytics, there’s not nearly as much activity as there is on the “Ooh La La” video.

Is it because people are more likely to check out a YouTube video over an audio link? Speaking for myself, I don’t think I’m more likely to visit a YouTube link over a Spotify one, for example. But it’s probably a safe assumption that I’m not the most average person in the world. In the comments below, tell me if I’m on the right track. Are you more likely to check out a video on YouTube over a Spotify track?

I want to get going on a new video, but I don’t know which song yet. What songs are you digging on the new album? Are they all similarly bad? What kind of video would you like to see?

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