Somniphobia Update #9

Ah. It feels good to type “Somniphobia” rather than “Acoustic Album” in these blog titles. I have some cool information for you today. It’s not as juicy as some of the previous entries in this series, but I’d like to think it’s worth reading. Let’s go.

Let’s get into some logistics. It’s not the most interesting stuff to most people, but read on if you are interested or perhaps just bored.

Getting all the album details together can be a cumbersome process. It’s still exciting for me after putting out multiple albums. Did you know Somniphobia is my 6th album? Yeah. Wow. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve really talked about this aspect of the digital distribution process. Maybe someone out there will get something out of this.

This is where I make concrete details such as the album title, release date, song titles, language, songwriters, genres, and some other things. That last thing was of particular interest to me for this acoustic album release. I don’t know if this applies to all distribution services, but with the one I use, the genres you choose for the album you’re releasing actually end up getting attached to the artist, not just the album.

For all my other albums, they’ve been some kind of combination of rock/metal/industrial/techno/dance/goth. I can’t remember which album it was, but I did elect to use “goth” as a sub-genre. And that ended up attaching to the Robby Suavé name. I have nothing against the gothic world, but I don’t think my music in general represents it. That was my lesson in the genre selecting process.

I contacted the digital music distibutor’s customer service people, and I talked to them about my situation. They did confirm that the genre can get attached to the artist and not just the album. I wanted to clarify that because I wanted to put Somniphobia in the “acoustic” genre obviously. But I ultimately decided not to because I don’t want someone to search for “Robby Suavé” and get some kind of result back saying I’m an acoustic artist. That’s less accurate than the goth thing. So metadata-wise, Somniphobia will have no references to being acoustic. I just liked the thought of someone being able to search for “acoustic” and Somniphobia might come up. I don’t know. Whatever.

An especially fun part of the submission process for me is deciding whether or not each song needs the Explicit tag or not. I don’t use bad words myself, but sometimes I can get a little…perverted and sometimes I use samples of people speaking that are vulgar. So I have to go back to each song and dissect them to decide whether or not they should get the Explicit tag that you’d see in iTunes, for example.

Keeping these songs family friendly actually was a goal I had. And in my opinion, only 1 song needed the Parental Advisory warning. That song is “Do It, Screw It.” Other songs have some juvenile themes, but they’re pretty tame. The stuff in “Do It, Screw It” is a little heavy though. There are references to activities adults do, private body parts, etc. Yeah. So I had to slap that song with the naughty tag. Fun fact: As much as I love “Do It, Screw It,” I considered ultimately leaving it off the album because of its lyrical content.

I still haven’t shown off the album cover, have I? Hm. Should I reveal it now? Mmm…not yet. I’ll show you this though.

It’s pretty, isn’t it? That’s a super pixelated version of it. Squint your eyes and maybe you can make something of it.

Alright, what’s next? The release date is set, but I don’t want to announce that just yet. There are a couple other things worth mentioning as well. Let’s wait until next week…

P.S. The new Marilyn Manson album came out today. It’s called We Are Chaos. Check it out. I reviewed it. Check that out too.

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