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Somniphobia Links and “Ooh La La” Video

Did you know I put out a new album last week called Somniphobia? I did. In the past, I would scramble to put a post like this together on the release date. But between not really having time and wanting to some additional information together, I thought I’d wait a few days. First, let me give you some links.

iTunes/Apple Music

Listen to the album, follow/like/etc. my accounts there if you want. Somniphobia hasn’t been out even a week yet, so I don’t want to get into any stats on all that. But there is something I want to divulge some stats on…

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Acoustic Album Update #2

Acoustic Album Update #2

This acoustic album project started earlier this year. I don’t even remember when I started it. That aspect doesn’t even matter, but for your and my sake, I’d like to post more regular updates. My first thought about this project was that it would be quick and easy, and it’s not quite either of those things.

I posted about this a little bit on Twitter the other day. Depending on the song, doing these acoustic versions can be exceptionally easy or hard. In either case, so far at least, they’ve all been fun to work on. As of writing this, I’m not finished with any songs, but I’m mostly done on 3 songs. Let me give an update on those 3 songs here. Notice that I’m giving them cute pet names at this time. They’ll have their real names when it’s done.

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