Random Blog Post #9

Much like when I record music, these Random Blog Posts are for myself more than for anyone else. So what follows might not be very entertaining to read. Either way, here goes… Boobs, Butts, and Feets didn’t break sales records of any kind. I attribute that mostly to my lack of advertising. I’m planning on getting on that soon, but […]

Random Blog Post #8

Being sick sucks. Afforded an almost 2 week vacation from work during Christmastime, I was looking forward to using that period to work on lots of music stuff, mostly vocal recording. Well, having a severe cold screwed that up. Not only was my throat too sore to hardly talk, let alone sing/yell, my head was too stopped up to even […]

Random Blog Post #6

This could have been another Bringing Back Boobs, Butts, and Feets post, but there’s not too much to mention on that front. Not that there’s a lot to report on anything specifically, but there are tidbits and tadbits about lots of different things. And that’s what these Random Blog Posts are for. Well, if they weren’t before, they are now, […]

Random Blog Post #5

I often wonder if my schtick is being serious about being unserious or being unserious about being serious. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s neither. Maybe the concept doesn’t even make sense, but when I think about how I think about making music or art or whatever, seriousness is one of the big barometers that comes into play. As an example, […]

Random Blog Post #4

It’s time for another random blog post! I’ve been posting about nothing but Punk Rebel Renegade for a while, so why not talk about something else for a change? How about some insight into the possibly boring parts of what I’ve been doing and learning lately? If nothing else, it’ll be a good way for me to reflect on what […]

Random Blog Post #3

Today is my birthday. I am celebrating it with you (if you’re swift enough to be reading this on March 19th). I can’t remember the last time I really celebrated my birthday. Usually the birthday celebration consists of eating macaroni and cheese when I get home from work. It’s not the most celebratory thing in the world. But, I feel […]

Random Blog Post #2

I’m halfway through another Robby Reviews post, but before I get that put up, I’m going to ramble about some music things. A lot of it is going to piggyback off of the last Random Blog Post I did, but maybe that’s a good reason to do another one anyway. I don’t know. So Heat Stroke has been out for […]

Random Blog Post #1

I haven’t updated in a while since Heat Stroke came out. I’m still working on the retrospective, and as I will also mention there, I’ve been taking more time and been more careful about writing about the songs than I did actually writing and recording the songs themselves. Kind of funny. Maybe. There are some things in the oven, heating […]