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Random Blog Post #9

Much like when I record music, these Random Blog Posts are for myself more than for anyone else. So what follows might not be very entertaining to read. Either way, here goes…

Boobs, Butts, and Feets didn’t break sales records of any kind. I attribute that mostly to my lack of advertising. I’m planning on getting on that soon, but I hoped there would be more of a buzz about the without my assistance. I talked up Heat Stroke and Punk Rebel Renegade quite a bit, so the word was getting out there about those albums. My dream hasn’t been to be signed to a major record label or going on world tours. It’s been more of being some guy that an average person finds out about one of my songs organically, and then digs into the rest. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #9”

Random Blog Post #8

Random Blog Post
Being sick sucks. Afforded an almost 2 week vacation from work during Christmastime, I was looking forward to using that period to work on lots of music stuff, mostly vocal recording. Well, having a severe cold screwed that up. Not only was my throat too sore to hardly talk, let alone sing/yell, my head was too stopped up to even hear correctly. Non-fans may swear that I’ve had that problem for years, but I assure them that’s not the case.

So yeah, lately I’ve barely been able to enjoy listening to music, not to mention make it. But it gave me the chance to do some other things. I’m getting closer to being able to unveil the official cover for Boobs, Butts, and Feets. And I’ve also been jotting down lyrical scraps and concepts for new songs. It’s hard to say how much of it will amount to much, but I’ve planned out a draft of a song of some sort that will feature acronyms. I won’t say anymore about it, but it should be funny at least. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #8”

Random Blog Post #6

Random Blog Post #6
This could have been another Bringing Back Boobs, Butts, and Feets post, but there’s not too much to mention on that front. Not that there’s a lot to report on anything specifically, but there are tidbits and tadbits about lots of different things. And that’s what these Random Blog Posts are for. Well, if they weren’t before, they are now, because I said so. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #6”

Random Blog Post #5

I often wonder if my schtick is being serious about being unserious or being unserious about being serious. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s neither. Maybe the concept doesn’t even make sense, but when I think about how I think about making music or art or whatever, seriousness is one of the big barometers that comes into play.

As an example, I will mention a track from my Heat Stroke album, “Novelty.” There are elements of that song that are too serious in my opinion. The ambiance with the rain and strange noises create a certain feeling that the lyrics and vocal delivery don’t quite mesh with, by design. I feel like if you took out all the vocals on that song and replaced them with some dark poetry and some sinister growling, it would be effective at being serious. I guess my point is that I don’t want to make “serious” music, whatever that means, because as I sit here attempting to figure out what that is, I’m at a loss. Maybe “pretentious” is a better word for what I’m thinking of. I don’t know. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #5”

Random Blog Post #4

It’s time for another random blog post! I’ve been posting about nothing but Punk Rebel Renegade for a while, so why not talk about something else for a change? How about some insight into the possibly boring parts of what I’ve been doing and learning lately? If nothing else, it’ll be a good way for me to reflect on what I’ve been doing musically for the last year or so.

Just production-wise, I’ve learned a lot. Ever since I started seriously recording music in 2001 or 2002, I made it a point to NOT look for tips and tricks on how to do anything. It’s kind of like how I approach playing guitar or singing or anything else; I feel like if I learn the “right” way to do something, I’ll feel like I have to do it that way and never experiment. There are some exceptions to this way of thinking. I mean, if I have a problem with a very particular thing, I’ll attempt to search out a solution. And usually there isn’t just one answer, so it’ll point me in the right direction to try some other things. For example, I was having trouble getting good recordings when micing a guitar amp. It turns out there’s a science to microphone placement. There’s a general area that is usually good to have your microphone placed in relation to the amp, but you can also try other placements to get different sounds. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #4”

Random Blog Post #3

Today is my birthday. I am celebrating it with you (if you’re swift enough to be reading this on March 19th). I can’t remember the last time I really celebrated my birthday. Usually the birthday celebration consists of eating macaroni and cheese when I get home from work. It’s not the most celebratory thing in the world. But, I feel weird about outwardly celebrating by myself, so it is what it is.

This year, I’m not celebrating any more than I have in the past, but as I was driving home from work, I felt compelled to sort of document the day, musically, of course. As I’ve been explaining in my other recent posts, I believe restricting yourself with a theme, and even more so with a deadline, hinders your output and/or creativity. That’s how it is for me at least.

I’m repeating myself, but when you listen to Heat Stroke and then listen to Punk Rebel Renegade, there’s a magic in the latter album that you won’t find in the former album, I think. And I really think it’s because with PRR, I didn’t force a deadline on myself. I didn’t even have any specific goals or guidelines except for that I wanted it to sound as real and raw as possible. Other than that, it was pretty much improvised and sort of chaotic. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #3”

Random Blog Post #2

I’m halfway through another Robby Reviews post, but before I get that put up, I’m going to ramble about some music things. A lot of it is going to piggyback off of the last Random Blog Post I did, but maybe that’s a good reason to do another one anyway. I don’t know.

So Heat Stroke has been out for about a month now. It’s available everywhere, I’ve hyped the crap out of it, and the only feedback I’ve received had to be wrought out from listeners that probably don’t like whatever type of music I make anyway. I wasn’t expecting rave reviews and to sell a bunch of mp3s of whatever, but after all the advertising I did, I expected at least some random tweets. As I mentioned in the last post, I reached out to a few websites well in advance of the release, and that didn’t go anywhere. I’m not sure what I expected though, but after listening through the album a few dozen more times and going by what people have told me about it, I suppose I understand why. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #2”

Random Blog Post #1

I haven’t updated in a while since Heat Stroke came out. I’m still working on the retrospective, and as I will also mention there, I’ve been taking more time and been more careful about writing about the songs than I did actually writing and recording the songs themselves. Kind of funny. Maybe.

There are some things in the oven, heating up. Continue reading “Random Blog Post #1”