Jam Session #15

It’s time for another one of these, right? Over the long weekend, I workshopped roughly 10 million ideas. You could put them into 3 categories: crap that I never want to revisit, stuff that shows promise but will need additional time, and music that is pretty awesome that just needs tweaked. Today I’m bringing you a piece from the last category. If I gave these posts subtitles, this one would be called Playing With Myself. Don’t get excited. I just meant that it’s composed of mostly boring drum loops, a guitar, and another guitar played over that. Let’s get into it.

To start with, in my opinion, the guitars in this sound quite awesome. For these Jam Sessions, if I do choose to doubletrack guitars, I usually don’t use 2 different guitars. Or if I do it’s with the same effects. This time, I used 2 different guitars with different pickup configurations with different amp settings and panned them. As far as EQ or processing, very little was used, so what you’re hearing here is what was coming out of my amp. I love that. A lot of the time I have to edit the crap out of the recordings to get it to sound good.

Moving on, what I did was more or less jam with myself when recording the second guitar. I’ve done that before many times. But usually when I do it, it’s more like I’m not really playing off of it. Sure, there are definitely some runs where I am just replaying what I did with the first guitar. It sounds cooler to me here, for some reason. I don’t know; I can’t explain it.

Rearranging the parts and making a song out of it is the task at hand. While it sounds like it’s a bunch of noodling around and experimentation, I know I’m going to be able to get a song out of it. The drums will need to be actually programmed in rather than how it is now, but I think I have all the riffs I need to make it into a cool song. I’ve tried this sort of thing before, and it had always turned out that I needed to go back and record more. Not this time!

Stylistically, this song is pretty mid-tempo, but I foresee it being nice and heavy. More than likely, I will record real bass guitar for it because…it needs it. The drums are real sounding, the guitars are real obviously, and it might sound weird if the bass wasn’t also real. If everything goes as well as I would like, the bass track will come out as nicely as the guitars. I’ve got a nice recording system down now, finally.

Anyway, what do you think of this “song?” This is about 75% of what I actually recorded, so it’s not giving everything away. Do you like the vibe from what is here so far?

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