Random Blog Post #13

Random Blog Post
It’s time for another random blog post! It’s been too long since the last one. While on Christmas break at work, I had hoped I’d be able to work on a lot of music. That didn’t happen. Between not having as lengthy of a break as usual and screwing up my left thumb, putting guitar riffs together is something I couldn’t manage very well. My thumb still hurts. I don’t know what I did to it. Hm.

Anyway, yesterday I got back into the swing of things. By popular demand, I’m going to do a cowbell-heavy song. It was also suggested that I incorporate trombone into a song, which may or may not be the cowbell song. It might be a little too weird to mix cowbell and trombone. But with my track record, I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as “too weird.”

Free time will become more premium as the weeks wear on, so I’m trying to finish up what will become my next album. I already have a lot done, stuff that I started last year and even before that. So I’ve got plenty of material to work with. That wasn’t the plan, but the benefit to it is that the songs sound more varied. The songs from last year kind of their own sound, but they sound different from the songs that I started the year before. On previous albums, I probably would have been nervous about that. I like my albums to sound cohesive, but not so much so that every song sounds the same. That philosophy may or may not be obvious to anyone but me. Maybe I’m even failing at following that philosophy.

I’m going to save this for its own blog post, but there’s this idea that people don’t like/buy albums and/or prefer getting a single every 2 or 3 months instead. I listen to lots of music, and that doesn’t describe me at all. Most of the bands I am into put out an album every 2-10 years. Maybe they’ll have put out a music video or two in there, but those albums are what keep you entertained for years. If I’m not actively listening to the latest release, I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. But yeah, some people’s attention spans are too short for that; they want one song pumped out to them every month or so. That’s weird to me.

Anyway, the next album is going to be weird. And to be honest, it might not even be in a good way. My main goal is to make songs that are memorable, ones that you might be able to sing along to. But other than that, all my rules are kind of out the window. Since some of the songs are going to be recorded in 2017 and other ones are going to be from as far back as 2013 (maybe), there’s going to be some variation in style that may or may not be preferable. We’ll see.

My next post will probably be a Jam Session. I’ve got tons of clips I could exhibit. Stay tuned!

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