Random Blog Post #16

Random Blog Post
Rather than post a review or an audio sample of an early draft of a song, I think I’ll do another Random Blog Post! Yeah! So what have I been doing? I have been meticulously crafting new music. That’s what.

Over the last 3+ years, I’ve been amassing a collection of semi-complete songs that have yet to transform into full fledged compositions. They range from pieces that were recorded during the Heat Stroke sessions to stuff I recorded last week. A few months ago, I listened to all of these, and plucked out my favorites. From there, I took 30 second excerpts of each song and compiled them into a medley of sorts. I believe there were 18 songs.

I don’t want to make an 18 song album, and you probably don’t want me to either. A big focus of mine is to keep the songs short unless it makes sense for them to be longer. There’s a Punk Rebel Renegade Retrospective I wrote over 2 years ago that I have to publish. I talk about how a big part of the post-production of that album was making edits. Songs that started out being 5 minutes long were trimmed down to 3 minutes, and I think it was a good decision to do that.

With my next album, I don’t want to do that again. When I listen to Punk Rebel Renegade now, it still catches me off guard how short some of the songs are. I remember when I particular section would go on for 30 seconds longer than it does in the final version. I tend to like longer songs more, but in the past, I was just making songs long for the sake of doing it. It’s not like there was a lot of nuance and fills and interesting crap going on.

What I’m doing now is keeping the songs short, but also adding interesting flair here and there to make the music more interesting. For the longest time, I’ve been saying to myself that it might be a good idea to get the music done first. If I can get the music to sound cool by itself, then adding my vocals is only going to make it more listenable, maybe. I’ve always struggled to figure out how to sing over music, like notes. And that’s why more often than not, I’m singing over drums or a one-note pattern. Your mind is blown, I know.

So there’s this new song I think I’m done with called “Things Unlikely.” I did exactly what I mentioned in the paragraph above. I made the music sound awesome and forced the lyrics and vocals to fit the music. For most people, that’s probably easy, but it was hard. After recording the vocals, I even created an additional harmony synth during the verses, and it sounds awesome somehow. When singing over music, I think I try to match what the guitar or synth is doing too much. Sometimes it works, other times not.

Yeah, so the new album is shaping up pretty nicely. I’ve recorded very little guitar though. I’m not sure if I’m going to layer guitars over the songs I already have, swap out the synth parts for real guitar parts, or save some for later. I don’t want to have a completely electronic album, but after Heat Stroke and Punk Rebel Renegade, maybe it’s time to do something like that. Hm.

What else? Oh. Remember when I produced the music for Jared Petty’s awesome Pockets Full of Soup video/podcast series? That was cool. He has recently began an offshoot of that called Pockets Full of Quarters, which I have also made the music for. Unlike the PFOS tune, I have read nothing but good things about the PFOQ music, which is cool. Maybe I should create exclusively podcast music? I get no money from it, but more people listen to it and tend to have better opinions of it than my “real” songs. Interesting. Maybe I will dwell on that topic in a future Random Blog Post.

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