Random Blog Post #19

Random Blog Post
This is truly a random blog post. Per usual, it’s been a while since I’ve made one. What’s new in Suavéland?

If you’ve been keeping up, my music-making PC died in the final throws of finishing up More Awesome Than Awesome. It took a while to get it all my software together working on a new one, but I think I’m finally ready to get back into it. I even have Sonic Foundry Acid 4.0 working on it, as well as possible, at least. Why? Because I’m preparing my 2010 album, Modus Operandi, for an official 2019 release!

I’ll save most of the babble for later, but writing and recording for Modus Operandi transpired between 2008 and 2010, I think. I always have a few starts of songs intended for an album that never end up making the cut. But for whatever reason, I want to say there were at least 10 songs that were started that I never finished for the album. Most of them were instrumental and never had any kind of lyrics written specifically for them or anything, but for the most part, they were pretty good.

Overall, it’s a pretty electronic collection of songs. What real guitar is there is remarkably good-sounding. At least 2 songs have exceptionally awesome guitar sounds. That doesn’t sound like that great of a compliment, but most of the songs don’t even have guitar. A few don’t even have vocals.

At this point, the project is kind of exciting for me. I think that because there’s so many possibilities for the release. Like, do I just remix and master the original 10 songs and call it a day? Do I also include some of the not-quite-done songs as part of the album? Do I release those extra songs as a different album entirely? Do I release the extra songs along with some new instrumentals as a new instrumental album? I don’t know! I kind of want to get those unfinished songs at least close to finished and get them out into the wild. They’re not bad.

So yeah, Modus Operandi will hit the world sometime this year. Fun stuff.

What else? I’ve been trying to enhance my studio rig a little. I got some new monitors. You know, like speaker monitors, and while they cost about a third of the speaker setup I was using, they’re also not 10+ years old. So I should be able to mix using them pretty well. Maybe my headphones are crappy (they shouldn’t be though), but it’s hard to for me to mix using them. I much prefer mixing and recording using monitors. I’ve always been like that though. Is that weird? I don’t know. There are a few other random upgrades that I have now that I didn’t while producing More Awesome Than Awesome, but those are the more major ones.

In short, I think I’m ready to dive into producing Modus Operandi. I’m pumped. Let’s do this.

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