Random Blog Post #10

Random Blog Post
It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, so I’ll write one now while I’m lunch break. My workplace had blocked this site a few months ago for some reason. This site was buggy to say the least, and I wonder if it was still being caught by some kind of malware catcher thing. I don’t know. It works now, and that’s what matters.

So what’s new? I’ve ran into some recording problems. The problem is that depending on what equipment I use to record, not only do I receive minor electrical shocks to myself, the recordings also get mangled. The shocks I can avoid by wearing long sleeves or one of those cotton wristband things. I have yet to figure out how to eliminate the recording problem. There are a lot of factors going on, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the amp or the guitar because I’ve tried using different amp and guitar combinations and the shocks still occur. It could be a grounding issue or maybe something with a power strip.

Besides that, I’ve been tinkering around with a lot of stuff. I mentioned a little side project here before. I’m still able to work on that consistently because it doesn’t require any recording: it’s all synths and drum samples. It’s becoming a cool project because they’re kind of like instrumental cover songs, so my brain has to be less creative in some ways and more creative in other ways. Plus the sounds I’m using are completely different from what I’ve done before, so it’s a breath of fresh air or whatever.

Aside from that project, I have been getting some good drum sounds together and struggling to get good guitar tracks together. The former is coming along a lot more smoothly than the latter because…well, read the second paragraph above. The idea is that I’m going to get the music done for about 10 songs and then put lyrics to them. Essentially separately, I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics, but without consciously linking them to any music I’ve been composing. I usually don’t work like that, but I’m going to try. The plan is for those 10 (or so) songs to be the next album. I already have a title in mind and even have some preliminary artwork and photos in progress. That’s something I never bothered with much, especially not this early in the process.

I feel like I’ve been hinting at this for forever now, but whenever I figure out this recording snafu, I’m going to pursue this other cool musical thing. It’ll be painless enough to do, but I am wrestling with the decision of when and how to release it. I still don’t want to reveal exactly what it is, but even if everything works out perfectly, it’s not going to sound super good. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it. And uh…yeah, that may mess with some things. The debate is whether it would be better to release it before or after the next real album. I kind of wanted to do it before, but it actually would make more sense and be better to release it after. Or…maybe I’ll split it into 2 parts and release the first part before the new album and the second part after it. Hmmm…and maybe it would make more sense to release these mysterious 2 parts on YouTube instead of the usual channels. Hmmm…

Stay tuned. I mean, if you want.


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