Reflecting on “Kill the Buffalo”

My latest song “Kill the Buffalo” has been available in audio format for 2 weeks now. Maybe that isn’t time to reminisce already, but it should be enough time to make some observations.

Almost everybody that I think listened to it said they liked it. That’s awesome. It could just be my imagination, but it seems like my audience has changed a bit over the last year. If anything it has grown, but it’s different.  It concerns me a little, but I’ll roll with it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it’s getting next to no plays on streaming services. Decent hits come up on “Pretty Little Ditty,” “XXX 666,” and “Everyone I Know Is an Alcoholic,” but yeah, nothing on “Kill the Buffalo.” Why? I have no effing idea. I mean, it’s easily as good, if not better, than all these other apparently more liked songs in my catalog. Interesting.

Maybe when the music video comes out, it’ll get more traction. Or maybe when it’s bundled along with my next album, it’ll be appreciated a little more. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I like it.

Next week, there will probably be a new Jam Session. Be ready.

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