The Making of the Best Song Ever, “Eff It”

Robby Talks About "Eff It"
Should I have made this a Random Blog Post? I don’t know. To me, this song is so awesome that it deserves many essays written about it for years to come.

“Eff It” began its life in 2013. I’ll admit it now that the guitar riffs were inspired by Wayne Static’s “Assassins of Youth” and maybe a bit of Marilyn Manson’s “No Reflection” too. I think I was learning how to play “Assassins of Youth” at the time. And then a few days later I was working on some original material, and that style of playing was still stuck in my hands or something.

So the riff was first. It’s not especially complex, but it’s a tad out of my usual style. I played it and played it until I could make up words on the fly while strumming the power chords. And that’s when it happened…

The lyrics and the vocal style felt very wonderful to me. Remember that when it comes to me singing over music, if it doesn’t sound horrendous, it probably took a lot more work than it should have. It was likely also a lot of luck. When the day comes that I figure out how to come up with vocal lines as easily as it should be,  I will be able to pump out songs a lot faster than I do. Is that a good thing? I don’t know.

Rather than monotonous and gravely, the way I sing on “Eff It” should probably be considered more aggressive and snarly. Every time I sing it, it’s like I’m proud to do it. Whether it’s on the verses, the choruses, the pre-choruses, or the bridgey part, I feel like the vocals sound much more important and better than the usual.

I’m not sure what the focus is of this post,  so I’ll just ramble about some other random stuff.

So I came up with that main riff which becomes the verse part, a more airy part for the bridgey parts with some abrupt stops, a lively pre-chorus thing, and this super heavy, chugging, metal part. The music and the vocals change fairly drastically, but that aforementioned snarl is always there. The chugging part is something I’m especially proud of. I had to learn how to breathe in the right spots.

Oh. And in the middle there’s this trippy weird part that has a long sample from the movie Misery. I want to either double down on the weirdness on that part or scrap it altogether to make it about 20 seconds shorter. All those parts are kind of mish-mashed together, but I think it sounds cool. Originally, the song clocked it at over 5 minutes, but recently I’ve sliced it down so that it’s just over 4 minutes long.

Alright, that’s all I’m going to say about this awesome song right now. I’m going to talk about it again later.

Hey, speaking of later, watch for another post here later today for something cool…

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